'Deadpool' Movie And Rating Comedy: Will This Upcoming Superhero Movie Be Unfunny Or The Funniest?

The "Merc with a Mouth" returns for his first solo film in February. Marvel

The reaction to Deadpool is some of the most divisive I’ve ever witnessed. For many the first Deadpool trailers (the most recent red band trailer in particular) are a demonstration of fan demands getting real results. After the disastrous debut of the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, fan demands turned a visual effects test reel into a cause, with the footage’s rapturous reception directly resulting in an announced release date for the rebooted Deadpool’s movie.

But on the flipside are those who think Deadpool looks like a sweaty, try-hard, desperate effort at comedy, like a frat house open mic night.

Deadpool Release Date

Now that Feb. 12 release date approaches and it’s still unclear whether Deadpool will be the funniest superhero movie ever made, or the equivalent of full-sensory diarrhea—as Ryan Reynolds says the word “chimichanga” over and over again amongst a burbling excretion of comedy-esque verbiage—how can we determine, objectively, whether Deadpool will be funny or not?

Let’s turn to Twitter, where this heated Deadpool debate rages.


Well, that sews that controversy up. Not only does Deadpool look unfunny, but it might be the least funny movie in the whole universe. But before we declare this debate settled, let’s check Twitter one more time, on the improbable off-chance that maybe someone on there has a different opinion.



That certainly makes things trickier. The Deadpool movie might have “the funniest thing to see.” This flies right in the face of those who think Deadpool looks like a riotous calamity of anti-humor. It seems we found ourselves in a place of uncertainty when it comes to rating the comedy of Deadpool in advance of the release date.

Deadpool Haters

There are many haters:







And there are even people using the word “woefully”:


Deadpool Lovers

But still, even with this heaping mound of anecdotal data that would seem to prove Deadpool unfunny, the movie has just as many defenders:








So it seems we can’t come to a final conclusion in the pre-release debate on whether or not Deadpool will be really funny or not funny. The world will have its final answer on Feb 12, when the Deadpool movie comes out in theaters and we’ll finally all agree on whether or not it was funny and no one will ever angrily wield people’s taste as a litmus test for individual self-worth again.

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