Carrie Fisher Wouldn’t Give A Sh*t About Cinnabon Tribute: 5 Things She Actually Cared About

Leia Cinnabon
Mmmmmm best buns in the galaxy. Cinnabon

We are all mourning the death of Carrie Fisher, but if you’re seriously mad at Cinnabon paying tribute with a cheesy saying about Leia’s hairstyle you need to chill.

These were the headlines I saw:

Mashable : Cinnabon fails the galaxy with terrible tweet about Carrie Fisher's death

Heat Street : Poor Taste: Cinnabon’s ‘Tacky’ Bun Tribute Angers Carrie Fisher’s Fans

Slate : Twenty-Four Questions Raised By Cinnabon’s Regrettable Tweet About Carrie Fisher

IBTimes : Cinnabon Carrie Fisher Twitter Controversy: Tasteless Tweet By Cinnamon Roll Company Bakes Up Storm

MIC : Twitter is dragging Cinnabon for using Carrie Fisher's death as a "brand opportunity"

Leia Cinnabon
Mmmmmm best buns in the galaxy. Photo: Cinnabon

Do you guys think Fisher would give a shit about the tweet? You really think Cinnabon is an evil corporation set to make a dollar off Fisher’s death by turning a delicious cinnamon roll into a piece of art? The HORROR.

And before y’all start preparing your clapbacks to my sarcasm, let me provide you with some receipts. That image of Cinnabon Leia was actually made in honor of May the Fourth, Star Wars Day. Yeah, you idiots, they didn’t make it because they found out Fisher was dead. It was something they already did to honor Princess Leia and Star Wars.



As one editor in the iDigitalTimes newsroom said, “The Russians influenced our election and Cheeto Jesus is appointing wildly unqualified bigots to the cabinet all over the place, but people are mad about this?”

Another iDigitalTimes reporter believes, “She'd be cool with it then say, ‘Where's my royalty check?’” You know why? Because Fisher was a badass boss who put all three of her feelings into things she actually gave a fuck about.

Things Carrie Fisher Gave A Fuck About, In No Particular Order

1. Mental Health Awareness

Fisher was vocal about her struggles with bipolar disorder and drug addiction. She’s stated multiples times that she was “mentally ill” and dedicated her life to fight the stigma against seeking help.

2. Her dog, Gary



3. Her Family

Fisher’s pride and joy, her daughter Billie Lourd. Fisher’s mother, Debbie Reynolds. Fisher’s brother, Todd.

4. Feminism

Yes, Fisher hated her Slave Leia costume, but she also thought it was stupid when they tried to turn it into some anti-feminist thing.

Back in July 2015, people were pissed at Hasbro for selling action figures of “Slave Leia.” Fisher thought the banning the sales of these items was dumb.

“I think that’s stupid,” Fisher told the Wall Street Journal . Fisher also added a few words about a parent who wanted to explain the costume to his kids:

“The father who flipped out about it, ‘What am I going to tell my kid about why she’s in that outfit?’ Tell them that a giant slug captured me and forced me to wear that stupid outfit, and then I killed him because I didn’t like it. And then I took it off. Backstage.”

This is an example of Fisher, the feminist. She admitted she would’ve fought harder to wear something a bit more comfortable at the time, but wore the bikini and owned it until the day she died. BADASS!

5. Staying True To Herself

Here are some of Fisher’s tweets that capture her perfectly.












People are clearly displacing their grief. We are mourning the loss of our Princess Leia, our General Organa, our Carrie Fisher.

You want to know how I honored her memory yesterday? I watched Star Wars and ate a pecan bun from Cinnabon before they released the tweet. And I threw my head back and laughed manically as I wrote that. Don’t be outraged for Fisher, she would’ve thought you were stupid for giving a shit.

Best buns in the galaxy. Photo: Zulai Serrano
All gone! Photo: Zulai Serrano
Carrie Fisher
She had no fucks to give. Photo: Carrie Fisher
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