'Breath of the Wild' Star Fragments: How To Find And Use This Rare Item

What Are Star Fragments For In ‘BotW’?
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Star Fragments are hard to find in Breath of the Wild. They’re almost as hard to find a use for, too. As such, players are plagued with anxiety as they wonder if this rare item they found is worth keeping or selling, or find themselves in need of a star fragment with no clue how to get one. Our little Breath of the Wild star fragment guide will give you some answers, but you probably won’t like what you hear.

First and foremost, what are star fragments used for in BotW ? Based on our exhaustive armor guide, it appears the most common usage is for upgrading a few specialty armor sets. Here’s a rundown of all the armor you could possibly need star fragments for, followed by a grand total of how many star fragments you’ll need to complete all of its upgrades in Breath of the Wild. We also separated them into amiibo and non-amiibo sets, so players without amiibo don’t go off and collect star fragments for armor they don’t have in their games.

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Non-amiibo sets: Topaz Earrings (2x), Diamond Tiara (2x), Ruby Necklace (2x), Sapphire Circlet (2x), Ancient Greaves (3x).

amiibo sets: Cap of the Sky (10x), Tunic of the Sky (10x), Trousers of the Sky (10x), Cap of Time (10x), Tunic of Time (10x), Trousers of Time (10x), Cap of Twilight (10x), Tunic of Twilight (10x), Trousers of Twilight (10x), Cap of the Wild (1x), Tunic of the Wild (1x), Trousers of the Wild (1x), Cap of the Wind (10x), Tunic of the Wind (10x), Trousers of the Wind (10x), Cap of the Hero (10x), Tunic of the Hero (10x) and Trousers of the Hero (10x).

Wow. That is a LOT of star fragments to find, especially if you’re working on those amiibo sets. Non-amiibo players only need 11 star fragments, amiibo players need 153 (!) to complete all those upgrades. That is going to require an insane amount of time spent playing Breath of the Wild because, here’s the catch, star fragments are tough to find.

As of yet no one has discovered a surefire method to farm star fragments in BotW . This is because star fragments are created when a shooting star crashes into the ground, seemingly at random. You may have noticed a shooting star or two in your travels, heck, you may have already come across a star fragment because the resulting crash creates an irresistible beacon to follow. So how can you find them more easily?

Get high.

Let me explain. Based on some anecdotal evidence on reddit and other forums, it seems Breath of the Wild players are having the best success at tracking down star fragments by perching up high in one of the towers and waiting for one to fall from the sky. You’ll know when it crashes because it sends up a bright yellow beacon, similar to the ones created by manually placing pins on the map. So when you see one fall haul ass to the beacon. Note that it only shows where the star fell and the star fragment itself may have rolled off somewhere nearby. We recommend taking a picture of the first star fragment you find so that you can use it in the Sheikah Sensor+ upgrade to help track them in the crash zone.

Oh, you can also cook with a star fragment. But don’t. It’s a less effective ingredient than apples and hylian mushrooms, and while it might add sale value to a dish it’s not worth wasting star fragments on mere rupees. If you’re broke, we’ve got a guide for that, too. We have LOTS of Breath of the Wild guides actually, check out the list below if you need some more tips.

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