'Breath Of The Wild' Molduga Guide: How To Find And Defeat This Tremor Worm Before It Kills You

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If you’ve been innocently looking for shrines in the Gerudo Desert while exploring the world of Breath of the Wild, you may have run across the Molduga, a rank 20 sub-boss beast who can kill weaker Links in one hit. Finding the Molduga in Breath of the Wild may not be a problem, but defeating it certainly will be. Here’s our guide to taking down this powerful tremor worm in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

First of all, Moldugas are tremor worms that “swim” beneath sands and detect vibrations above in order to find their prey. If the Molduga senses you running across patches of sand within its territory, it will close in on you and emerge in one quick movement, causing significant damage.

Avoid the Molduga by placing Link atop a rock or other elevated surface as soon as your battle begins. As long as you are not standing directly on sand, you’ll be good.

Once you are in an elevated position, throw a round bomb onto the sand. If the Molduga detects it, a question mark will appear above its head to indicate its curiosity. It should then head towards the bomb and emerges from the sand to swallow it.

Once the bomb is in the Molduga’s mouth or stomach, detonate it. The blast will stun the creature for a long time. Sprint or glide over and attack while it’s incapacitated. A charged attack with a two-handed sword is recommended for the huge damage potential.

Once the Molduga recovers, you have two options for defeating it: fast or easy.

The easy option is to head back to your elevated position and repeat the routine until it dies from getting its stomach repeatedly blown up.

The fast option is best utilized with a multi-hit bow. When the Molduga recovers, head towards a safe position, but stay on the sand. Walk around until the Molduga identifies you. Its body will partly emerge from the sand as it approaches in search of an opportunity to lunge at you. If you move to safety right away just before it arrives, you’ll be fine.

The Molduga will then be exposed as it searches for you. Select your multi-hit bow and fire a bomb arrow at the Molduga. The explosion should inflict massive damage and stun it. Follow up with a melee combo to finish it off. This option is riskier, but will lead to a shorter battle time than the repetitive grind of feeding your Molduga bombs until it kicks the bucket.

The Molduga drops Treasure Chests as well as Molduga Fins and Molduga Guts.

Do you have any tips for defeating the Molduga in Breath of the Wild ? Have you run across this beast in the Gerudo Desert? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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