Korok Seed 'Breath Of The Wild' Locations: Where To Find Hestu And How To Solve Puzzles For All 900

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Horses and other animals can help Link on his journey in 'Breath of the Wild.' Nintendo

The new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild offers players a vast open map and takes Link on his biggest adventure yet, and if you've played the game long enough, you'll realize how important it is to manage the inventory before it's filled with weapons, clothes, ingredients and more. Link can only carry a finite number of items, but thanks to Korok Seeds, Link can expand the number of inventory slots to hold more gear.

Hidden within various types of mini-challenges are a total of 900 Koroks scattered across the open map. Each time you find a Korok, you can bring it to Hestu, a character you will encounter on your way from the Dueling Peaks Stable to Kakariko. Hestu later moves to Woodlands Stable before finally taking permanent residence within the Korok Forest. When you bring Korok to Hestu, you will be rewarded with a Korok Seed that can be used towards expanding your inventory slots for weapons, shields, and bows.

The first Korok Seed will open one slot in your inventory. However, upgrading a second inventory slot will cost two Korok Seeds, and the third slot will cost three, and so on. Because of this, you'll want to collect as many possible if you want to maximize your slots. Players will need a total of 441 Korok Seeds in order to unlock all slots.

If you're a completionist that wants to acquire every last Korok Seed, you'll receive a unique item known as Hestu's Gift, which allows you to trigger the creature's signature dance at will. Here's a guide to help you solve the different puzzle types necessary to uncover all the Koroks you need:

(BLUE CIRCLE) Natural Hiding Spots: Koroks are hidden within natural objects. Pay particular attention to small rock formations at the top of mountain peaks, or whatever location that particularly stands out. At the same time, Koroks may be hidden within ice blocks you must melt, underneath a rock slab that must be lifted by an Octo balloon, behind destructible rocks and pots and more.

(GREEN CIRCLE) Tree Patterns: If you identify a grouping of trees bearing fruit that grow in a certain pattern, then there may be Korok behind a tree. For example, if there are three trees side by side, remove all the fruit from the trees until all trees share an equal amount of fruit. Once the puzzle is solved, you will receive your Korok. Similar to the Tree patterns, if you come across a row of torches, you can also set an unlit torch on fire to complete a pattern.

(RED CIRCLE) Archery: Put your archery skills to the test when you spot a cluster of balloons up in the sky. Pop the balloons with your arrows to collect Korok. These balloons may sometimes only appear when you're standing beside a marker such as a colored pinwheel. The Archery puzzles may get difficult if the balloons float around erratically.

Sometimes the Archery puzzle replaces balloons for apples, such as the puzzle located at the tree at the westernmost hut in the Lurelin Village, where you must shoot an apple between palm fruits.

(YELLOW CIRCLE) Boulders: Large boulders must be moved away in order to uncover Korok. Sometimes the builders are located at the top of a hill and must be rolled off a cliff to complete the puzzle. Cast Stasis on the builder and hit the builder to give it enough force to start rolling. A variation of the Boulders puzzle involves metallic boulders. Use Magnesis to arrange the metal boulders.

(PURPLE CIRCLE) Circle: Objects arranged in a circle, most often as rock formations jutting from water, actually form a sort of target for Link to aim at. Your goal is to throw a rock into the circle. Take a Korok once you hit the bullseye. Variations of the puzzle involve other circle formations over water, such as water lilies.

(BLUE TRIANGLE) Cube Pattern: Arrange small metal cubes into symmetrical shapes to complete the puzzle. A cube may be missing, so sometimes you must find the cube first before you can complete the puzzle. Use Magnesis in these puzzles.

(GREEN TRIANGLE) Food Offering: A row of aligned statues will have small trays in front of them. Fill the trays with the right sort of food to receive a Korok. Apples are often the gift of choice. However, Yiga clan statues will only take banana offerings. Other puzzles will require an egg.

(RED TRIANGLE) Race / Horse Hurdles: If you find a tree stump with a leaf symbol, hop on the stump to begin a race. Race through a ring before the countdown ends. Sometimes, the puzzle will feature a series of fences that you must jump over while riding a horse. Complete the objective before time runs out to get your Korok.

(YELLOW TRIANGLE) Flower Trails: Did you just spot a single daffodil in the middle of a grassy plain? If the flower disappears when you approach it, the flower is a part of a trail that will lead you to the Korok. Sometimes the flowers must be approached in a sequence (one flower, a pair of flowers, a trio of flowers, and so on).

(PURPLE TRIANGLE) Leaves With Fairy Dust: A small trail of leaves with glowing fairy dust moving along a course may lead you to a Korok. These Fairy Dust leaves may sometimes be located in a fixed position high up in the trees.

(WHITE TRIANGLE) Rock Patterns: Small rocks may be arranged in geometrically significant patterns, such as a circle, spiral, or cross. Sometimes the pattern is incomplete due to a rock that is out of place or missing. Find the rock and complete the arrangement to be rewarded with Korok. As a helpful tip, sometimes the missing rock is located in the direction from the gap in the formation.

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