'Breath Of The Wild' Easter Egg: A Hidden Message Is Revealed From Game's Fantasy Sheikah Language

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Nintendo's latest Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a vast masterpiece with a lot to explore. And obviously, this also suggests there are plenty of secrets hidden within the game for fans to discover for years to come. That was been Nintendo's style and it's one of the elements that make Zelda such a magical franchise. 

This weekend, redditor sparkthedarkness shared an interesting post on /r/zelda, essentially decyphering the fantasy Sheikah language in Breath of the Wild. 

"I combined the two images I could find of the sheikah language together into one picture! Please use it to your and learn the awesome language in breath of the wild," sparkthedarkness said. Check out the diagram of the language below:

Sheikah Language in Zelda Breath of the Wild
A redditor uncovers the fantasy Sheikah language in 'Breath of the Wild.' Photo: Reddit / sparkthedarkness

While the diagram is indeed very interesting, we must emphasize that it is not 100 percent confirmed and may potentially be proven false. Via Polygon, another redditor that goes by the name CompC managed to apply the Sheikh alphabet to discover some hidden texts.

The Breath of the Wild Special Edition features a blue box with Sheikah characters written over it. According to CompC, the characters simply read "'THEHYRULEFANTASY' backwards, in a loop."

But what meaning does The Hyrule Fantasy carry? Apparently, this was supposed to be the original title for The Legend of Zelda in Japan. The Easter Egg is quite interesting and can certainly hold many different hidden messages. The most straight forward interpretation is Breath of the Wild is simply paying homage to its roots. However, some speculators suggest Breath of the Wild is a reimagination of the original story. 

Did you find THEHYRULEFANTASY scrawled backwards in a loop on your Special Edition blue box? Why do you think Nintendo planted this Easter egg? Let us know in the comments below.

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