Breaking Sports App Is The Fastest One-Stop Source For News And Fantasy

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Sports apps are common place in the mobile ecosystem. With sports juggernauts like ESPN, CBS and Bleacher Report dominating the market with its scores updates and analysis, any fan can get their sports fix anywhere, anytime.

But often you may find navigating through these sports apps to be tenuous with updates not getting to your phone fast enough. Enter the Breaking Sports app; the new and fastest way to get updates on your favorite teams and players.

The Breaking Sports app was launched by Sprylogics, the mobile search technology provider, to iOS and Android in early 2015 to give sports fans up to the minute news.

“One of the key objects of the application is the way to customize it to your needs,” says Alex Zivkovic, CTO of BreakingSports to iDigitalTimes. “That’s the power behind it; in that you can choose the kind of information you can get from what kind of sources.”

Using advanced algorithms and machine-learning technology, Breaking Sports combs social media (mostly Twitter and Reddit) and pulls news regarding teams, players, coaches and even leagues onto your preferred and unique feed.

Users can toggle between nine categories of news ranging from rumors to injuries and set their ‘Favorite’ teams and people to follow to get an even more specific and personal news feed.

The filters in Breaking Sports Photo: iDigital Times/Breaking Sports

Breaking Sports doesn’t just give you that customized feed, you can also browse through each League to find out what is going on at that moment from those who would know first; the sports writers, beat reporters and even fans at the game.

“The other thing that is really exciting about Breaking Sports is this information that is coming in real time really gives you a sense of how a game flows,” says Zivkovic. “It’s like watching a game with a dozen very smart people in a room; you’re getting their perspective on things.”

Breaking Sports is very similar to Twitter in that regard, as Zivkovic acknowledges the social media giant to be where the news gets out the fastest. The Breaking Sports team has taken that idea of collecting updates, scores and insight from various reliable sources, and packaged it into one place specifically for sports.

“In effect it’s a minimalistic product. You choose what you are interested in, in terms of teams and people and you choose what type of information you want using the filters and you should have a stream that is customized to your needs,” Zivkovic said. “And in other apps there is heavy navigation and in our case, we are concentrating on bringing the content as per users’ desires.”

Additionally, your fantasy players and the up-to-the-minute news regarding injuries, benchings etc. will be available to you before any website updates and most importantly before any lineup deadline.


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Following the players on my fantasy baseball team using Breaking Sports Photo: iDigitalTimes/Breaking sports

“One thing that is freaky about it, is that you can get information faster [on Breaking Sports] than you’ll get from the TV,” Zivkovic said. “Like if someone is injured, they go back to the locker room, you’ll get an update when that player returns to the field before its actually said on TV from those who are actually at the game.”

It’s this accessible and timely resource to reliable updates at your fingertips that allows for the Breaking Sports app to be used in a number of ways for Fantasy sports. Besides following specific players, you can follow a specific game that may have a number of your players involved.

‘Favorite’ the particular game and you’ll be able to get play-by-play stats and be notified when something major happens.

“We have algorithms that are following what people are talking about on Twitter. Where we aren’t filtering by who the people are but general what the masses are talking about,” Zivkovic said. “Whether its different teams or people, that type of stream processing is able to isolate when a player or team are mentioned like when Paul George broke his leg, it was a huge event. And that instantly gets noticed in our system because we are looking at the flow of information in regards to a particular topic.”

Breaking Sports is available now for iOS and Android and while there are only five sports available to follow including the four major North American sports and Men’s College Basketball -- just in time for the big tournament -- Zivkovic assures that more sports will be added to the application soon.

Soccer is the planned next sport to be added as well as the many racing sports like NASCAR. Mixed martial arts is coming soon, as well as global sports like Cricket and Rugby.

And for those college football fans, it will be added onto the app before the new season begins. But for now, the Breaking Sports team is hard at work getting ready for the upcoming baseball season. So download the app and see what the fuss is about. 

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